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Matterport camera capturing residential interior



With the development of technology, virtual tours offer a window into your company, exhibiting your location and all of your products and services. A virtual tour imitates the experience of visiting your store or location using a panoramic or 360-degree LiDAR camera. These tours can be sent to prospective clients or customers as a link or embedded on your website.

A personalized virtual tour makes every visitor feel welcome and raises your company's visibility. Customers may get an inside peek without leaving their homes with high-quality, personalized virtual tours. Virtual tours can be useful for a variety of enterprises, including hotels, multi-family housing, and more.

Industry Use

While employing a custom virtual tour provider can be advantageous for any organizations, there are several sectors that can profit from it the most. Whether you have a high-end restaurant, retail location, sprawling garden, hotel with 1,000 rooms, or apartment complex, a personalized tour is the best way to showcase your business's environment. Visitors can interact with your business from their laptop, tablet, or mobile device by taking a 360-degree tour of your location. It's an approachable, simple method to showcase what your company has to offer. Do you want to showcase your recently remodeled apartment complex to a prospective tenant? To demonstrate to them just how their new house would feel, you can provide them with an interactive virtual tour. PANIMAR can provide you with virtual tours that can then be shown to respective customers in an immersive and captivating manner.

Matterport camera in office building



The restaurant industry is one of the largest components of the hospitality industry, focused on providing quality food services for customers. Every establishment needs high-quality, professional photography to showcase all of its features to its respective customers. At PANIMAR, all of our photos go through a meticulous post-production process to make sure your establishment is always shown in its best light.

Hotel's across the globe continue to break barriers and set new standards on what it means to be a Five-star hotel. When investing into your hotels by including state-of-the-art amenities, luxury rooms, welcoming lobbies and more, it’s imperative to showcase them visually for your potential guests and investors. Whether your property falls under the economy scale or high-end resort, PANIMAR Imaging Company will take charge in making sure your hotel is viewed as stunning as it is in person. 





In retail, your products are the lifeline of your business, so why not feature them on the front and center of your website, brochures or other marketing materials? PANIMAR provides professional photography and videography services to a variety of retailers in the area. Investing in high quality imaging, is investing in your company. 

The housing industry is ever-growing and more competitive than ever. With apartment communities rising, offering beautiful luxury style floor-plans, resort-style amenities and other competitive features, showcasing it all online should never be an option - it’s a must. PANIMAR Imaging Company will take your property and cast a spotlight on it by bringing every detail to life and thus attracting new residents.

Whether it's an art gallery, indoor museum, or outdoor installation, a bespoke virtual tour can showcase what the venue has to offer in a technologically advanced and visitor-friendly way. Highlight all of the venue's unique exhibits in one immersive and interactive mobile experience. 

Some businesses’ most valuable assets lie in their venue and/or surrounding landscape(s). With professional photography, large-scale spaces can be captured in high-definition so others can visualize the true value of your space from a remote location. Saving time and money. 


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for photography. We believe that no project should be treated the same, as we understand that every client, company and project has unique needs. Depending on the photography company, advertised services can include a variety of deliverables and most will work with businesses to understand their objectives and capture images that meet and exceed their specific goals.

There are a few standard things to look for when selecting a professional photography company for your upcoming project. From their level of experience to their post-production turnaround time, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind before making a final selection. Here is a list of recommendations for what to look for and what PANIMAR believes is essential to the success of our partnerships :

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One of the most important aspects of a professional photography company is internal organization. When you decide on who you will partner with on your upcoming project, you should look for a company that will provide you with everything needed to prepare for your upcoming photoshoot in order to maximize time management. Your photography company should be able to work with your team to find the best time to come out and shoot based on your available timeframes.

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Any professional photography company you choose, should have the experience needed to produce great results. At PANIMAR, our knowledge and experience in fields like photography, architecture, and business, goes far and beyond. We can assure you that you are in the right hands and that our clients receive the highest quality service and communication. 

Blue Money Icon

Flat-Rate Pricing

Some photography companies charge a multitude of different prices and bundle options. That's why it's essential to look for consistent pricing that doesn't put your business out financially. At PANIMAR, you'll have consistent pricing and estimates, that still cater to your specific needs.

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Another thing to consider when hiring a professional photography company is their coverage and whether or not they serve your area. Some companies offer services locally, nationally, or even abroad. In many cases companies may require a photographer or multiple photographers to be flown out to your property. PANIMAR Imaging Company operates out of Central Florida, but offers services to the entire state, welcoming all projects varying in size and location. 

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Image Quality

Whether your photos are to be used for your website, business cards or large printed signs, your image should be displayed at its highest resolution. That means your chosen professional photography company should be able to produce high-quality imagery for all formats and purposes.

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Turnaround Times

When choosing your professional photography company, you should always look for a team that understands the business side of things. Clients work off of tight deadlines that require fast turnaround times, and at PANIMAR, we ensure that projects are turned into deliverables as quickly as possible without cutting corners. Turnaround times can vary depending on the project, but in most cases, clients can expect to receive their deliverables anywhere from next-day to end of the week.

Photographer in zoom call

How to Get Started

Getting your professional photography project road should always be easy. The first step is to identify your business’s goals for the photoshoot and what overall look you expect to see in the finished product. 

From there, you’ll want to research and find the company that best meets your needs. Once you've made your decision on who to partner up with, you should reach out and request a quote to see if their pricing works within your budget.

If it’s a good fit, you can then schedule your photoshoot and start the process from pre-production to final deliverables.. 

PANIMAR Imaging Company offers a wide range of services that cater to the clients needs. Whether you're company needs a refresh or professional imaging to showcase your latest project, PANIMAR is here to help. Request an estimate and find out if our imaging services fit your needs today.


A virtual tour warmly welcomes all visitors and increases the profile of your company. High-quality virtual tours allow users to get a glimpse into their potential homes or properties without leaving their homes. 

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