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PANIMAR Imaging Company offers high-quality videography services that help bring your project to life using state of the art equipment, and advanced methods for production. We are comitted to making PANIMAR your one-stop shop for commercial promo videos. With clients ranging in different industries, you can trust PANIMAR to produce high-quality images for your project. Contact us today for an estimate.

Better Quality 
Even Better Pricing

PANIMAR Imaging Company has the experience and knowledge to tackle any project. We offer affordable, simple solutions, that cater to your needs. All of our video services include basic post-production effects and elements. Clients also have the option to enhance their project with our library of licensed background music, B-roll footage and transitions. Video services also include the option for aerial imaging. For more information, give us a call today!

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The post-production phase will consist of creating the final product that includes all aspects of your requirements so you receive the best possible final product.

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B-Roll Footage

PANIMAR has access to a wide range of footage and imagery through an extensive visual library, that will help add professionalism to all projects.

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Background Music

Along with our visual library, PANIMAR also offers licensed background music that will complement and help set the mood of the video. Whether you're looking for an upbeat song or a peaceful melody, PANIMAR has you covered.

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Image Rights

Once you receive the final deliverable, you and PANIMAR own the rights. You, the client, will be able to publish to any platform or share across social media to reach your targeted audience. No watermarks are used.

Videography Use



Show off your hotel or resort and all of the amenities and services you offer. Aerial imaging can be added to the project to showcase your space from the exterior.  

Residential and commercial videos are the perfect way to show off your property or multiple locations in a professional way to attract buyers, renters and investors.



Give your office space, retail store, or restaurant a unique touch by utilizing our videography services promote and establish an image on all platforms.

Record accurate information and data from your construction site on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure your company stays within budget, eliminating unnecessary expenses as well as keeping your investors up to date.

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