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About Panimar

PANIMAR is a real estate & commercial media company based out of Central Florida. With it's roots deeply embedded in the Architectural and Photography industries, it was created to merge the passion and knowledge of both fields, to create a company with a unique and diverse background; striving to provide clients with the highest quality of imaging through services like: Photography, Videography, Aerial Imaging, and 3D Scanning's & Virtual Tours. At PANIMAR, we work with a young, energetic and devoted mindset and we value the connections we make with all of our clients. Whatever your needs may be, you are guaranteed to be in good hands at PANIMAR Imaging Company, and we look forward to our next project with you!​

Real estate photography of home kitchen interior

The Process

Managing a property is no easy feat, and we know how stressful it can be to add things to your plate. We take every detail into consideration when starting a new project, to ensure that it is a stress-free and efficient process. We believe that every property should be treated differently. We offer phone and video consultations to assist all clients with their specific needs. During the consultation, we go over the different types of services we can provide as well as narrowing down what fits the project the best. After that, it goes straight to production, and you can leave the rest to us. The only thing left is for you to take delivery of your PANIMAR specialized image packages. 

Photographer in a conference call

Pre-Production Consultation

Before every production, it's important to determine what you, the client, can benefit from the most. A brief consultation helps both parties evaluate the project and determine the best course of action. 

Video camera


Once the right services(s) have been chosen, the project will move on to production at a date determined by both parties. A qualified visual technician will arrive on site for production.


Once imaging has been completed, the project will move on to Post-Production; where editing and adjustments will be made for the final look.

Photography equipment

Project Delivery

After Post-Production, the project, and it's files, will be prepared and arranged for final delivery.

Photographer in a zoom call

Quality Guarantee

PANMIAR Imaging Company is devoted to creating valuable connections and relationships with clients all over the state of Florida. None of that can be achieved without honesty, loyalty and high quality work. That being said, our clients can book their projects with us knowing that their best interest is at hand.

The Real Estate and Commercial industries are incredibly large, and continue to grow everyday, with hundreds of photography and videography companies growing along side them. However, not every company operates the same, and at PANIMAR you can confide in our experience, knowledge and professionalism. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with degrees and certifications in Film, Photography, Architecture, Adobe Suite, and AutoCAD. PANIMAR is also FAA Part 107 compliant, and licensed to operate nationwide.


Whatever your needs may be, PANIMAR is here to help your property come to life. Pairing our knowledge and experience, with state of the art equipment and technology, we guarantee our clients the highest quality work, 100% of the time. 

Thank you for choosing PANIMAR, we look forward to working with you!

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